Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Reflective Post

Photo credit Sebastian Dooris from Flickr

I had a wonderful experience in my EME2040 class. I have gained a lot of knowledge and have learned a bunch of new ways to surf the web and how to do things the right way. For example, one of the sources I learned to use was Flickr; a website with tons of great pictures. You can receive creative common pictures which are copyrighted, allowing you to copy them without getting in trouble.

 Also, throughout this class I learned how to create my own wiki, blog and teacher website. I really enjoyed creating the wiki page with my classmates. In the text book, they talked about how wiki pages can be used as a collaborative learning strategy and also explained some strategies that teachers can use with the page. One of the strategies mention was the “group processes” which is exactly what my professor had my class do. This strategy is simply just putting your students in small groups of 3-5 and have them participant in a project. The benefit for the teacher with this activity is that, they can see who takes part in the work and how actually isn’t.  

The blog page and the discussions post I had to create helped me tremendously. I learned how to not be so focus on the topic but to broaden my horizon. Searching to narrow on a topic isn’t the best thing to do but, by using keywords about the topic you can receive much more information. I loved the idea of blog post.  

EME2040 defiantly was a great class. I was very pleased with the amount of new things I learned and I believe that the course followed all the learning objectives. I am really happy that I chose to take this night class rather than taking it online on my own. I truly think my professor did an excellent job teaching the course! I am excited to use all the things I learned throughout the course when I am in my own classroom. J

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  1. Enjoyed reading your reflections and realizing how much you have grown from this class content and experiences with your peers. You will easily learn to use these and more technologies in your future classes and as a future teacher. I am excited for you - just keep in mind that since you still have a few years to go, stay positive in those challenging times as it may get rocky but it will be worth it! :)